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Yours truly is back with another exclusive interview. And this time, I spoke with the former NXT wrestler James Bronson about his NXT training, serious injury, sexual harrasment in NXT and more.

The Krupy: Recently, a lot of conflicting reports concerning your injuries have surfaced online. Your thoughts on that?

Bronson: I’m not sure who is reporting what, but the reason it would be „conflicting“ is because no one has ever actually asked me about the injury. A lot of people in WWE still don’t know what happened, so there’s no way people outside the company would have any idea. But just so that there’s no further fake confusion, here’s the deal. I legally cannot discuss how the injury happened, but it didn’t happen during a match. I’m allowed to say that. The doctor informed me that on a severity scale of 1-10  it was a 9.5-10, and I needed surgery ASAP. Basically all the spongy tissue in my L4-L5 disc shot out and pinned my spinal cord nerves. There’s a difference between wear and tear, and horrible injuries. I knocked this one out of the park, it was a terrible injury. It started with me not being able to put my socks on, and two days before surgery I couldn’t walk anymore. I don’t recommend it. Surgery was pretty amazing, I felt better immediately afterwards and was able to walk without pain for the first time in 6 months. If it wasn’t for Dr. Maroon and his staff, I’d probably be crippled. I’m not 100% better yet, but I will make a full recovery. However, my contract recently expired and I’m not going back to developmental with my back like this. That would be stupid.

The Krupy: How would you describe your training in NXT?

Bronson: I received a lot of support from, and trained with some amazing trainers and talent like Dr. Tom Pritchard, Norman Smiley, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Rob MacIntyre, Terry Taylor, Vader, William Regal, Robbie Brookside, Triple H, Sean Waltman, Steve Keirn. I was very fortunate to learn from those people. Not to mention all the road guys, peers, TV productions people and producers I had the pleasure to work with. I consider myself very lucky. I dropped all those names, but you’ll have to pick them up for me since my back sucks.

Here’s an unsolicited tip for any aspiring pro-wrestlers, or students of anything really.  If you have a coach/teacher who doesn’t like what you are doing, or maybe takes a dump on something you did…  Take responsibility for it, and then ask them specifically what you need to do to change it.  If the person you ask cannot give you a real answer, and instead belittles you or gives you a riddle that is absolutely meaningless, they’re not a good coach. Listening to criticism is going to be 90% of your career, giving direct information that makes you improve on your mistakes is the difference between a real coach and someone who is a waste of time.

The Krupy: A few of the former NXT talents recently said that NXT trainer Bill DeMott sexually harassed some of the developmental Divas. Do you know something about it?

Bronson: I honestly don’t know anything about that happening in Tampa.

The Krupy: Who were your closest friends in NXT?

Bronson: I got along with most of the people all the way up and down the company very well, I had a great time with 99% of the people there.

The Krupy: Was there someone who was difficult to get along with?

Bronson: There’s always going to be a couple goofs, but that’s any job, anywhere in the world. Life sucks get a helmet.

The Krupy: What are your future plans?

Bronson: Read a book or two. Do some speaking engagements. Plant a tree maybe.

The Krupy: Please choose a few words to best describe these people:


Bill DeMott- he’s got slogans for days.

Kassius Ohno- I’ve known him for many years, he is a great guy, very talented and I wish nothing but the best for him.

Corey Graves- He smells great, you would think otherwise but man he smells good. I miss our workouts at Rob’s together.

Bo Dallas- I’d let him date my daughter, but I don’t have kids. He’s got fire for days.

Bray Wyatt- I’m very happy for his success, he’s extremely talented and did not have an easy road to get where he is.

Paige- She will eventually be named best diva ever.

Big E Langston- I have an enormous amount of respect for Big E. I’ve had a lot of ring time with him, and he’s another guy who deserves the success he has.

Seth Rollins- There’s no way he wasn’t going to get to where he is. His promos with Bill Carr are still my favorite though. I could not do this interview without a Bill Carr reference, I love that guy.

The Krupy: Have you experienced the almighty „politics“ in NXT?

Bronson: I’ve been rolling my eyes after reading this question for 5 minutes straight and now I have a headache. Politics usually boils down to „Does the boss like you?“ if yes, then great! If no, try to figure out a way around it.

The Krupy: What is a day off like for Bronson? Do you have any hobbies?

Bronson: It’s pretty awful. I have quite a few hobbies and they are all pretty weird.

The Krupy: Is there something that you want to tell our readers?

Bronson: Yeah, I’ve had a lot of genuine support from the fans. Especially international ones, and I truly appreciate it. I appreciate the support and I have enjoyed entertaining all of you. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again.

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