Exclusive interview with Chris Harris !

Yours truly is back with another exclusive interview for Art Of Wrestling. And this time, I had a chance to spoke with one of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in TNA Wrestling – „Wildcat“ Chris Harris.

The Krupy : What are you doing these days ?

Chris Harris : Actually took some time off after the WWE to get my head straight and heal some injuries. Made a move to Orlando and got my name back out in the world and started doing shows and appearances. Spend a lot of time with the TNA group and still have a lot of friends there.

The Krupy : You are one of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in TNA. What´s your favourite tag team match from your TNA career ?

Chris Harris : That would be so hard to narrow down. I think the one that fans most remember is the 6 sides of steel with Triple X. However, there are so many forgotten ones that were great to us with teams like Team Canada, the Naturals, and Team 3D.

The Krupy : Why did you leave TNA on January 2008 ?

Chris Harris : There wasn’t one main reason.  It’s true I was frustrated, but we all go through that sometimes. My contract was up and I wasn’t being used much. There was contact elsewhere and I was fed a world of goods.  I had to make a decision that was best for me and my family.  We all have to take chances in life and career and that’s what I did.

The Krupy : You returned to this company on May 2011, and I heard rumors that TNA wanted to reunite you with James Storm. Is that true ? And please tell us why did you leave TNA after only one PPV match ? 

Chris Harris : I don’t know exactly what the plan was.  What a lot of people don’t know is that when Jeff Hardy was suspended it left Matt without a partner.  They had planned on a Beer Money/Hardy Boys program.  The idea of Matt coming after me because of Storm and I’s past was brought up and we were told that we will see where it goes from there.  There was always the possibility of an AMW reunion.  After that I was told the old remark of „we are going to go in a different direction“.  No hard feelings.  I was happy to have had the opportunity.

The Krupy : What is you opinion on a current success of your former tag team partner James Storm ? 

Chris Harris : I couldn’t be more proud of Storm.  I knew he always had it in him he just needed the opportunity.  It could have happened years ago, but Beer Money was such a success you had to go in that direction.  He looks great in the World title picture and I believe he will be champion again.

The Krupy : Your thoughts on Beer Money ? 

Chris Harris : I remember a lot of people thinking that I would be bitter as to how great they were.  Truth is they were my favorite tag team and I was a big fan.  I wasn’t just close to Storm but Bobby Roode as well.  I was very happy for their success.

The Krupy : You debuted in WWE as „Braden Walker“, but after only two televised matches on ECW, you left the company. What happened and why your character didn´t work ?

Chris Harris : That is something I will never truly know.  I have my version of what I was put through, but a lot of people will say I just didn’t have what it takes.  It was never about a name or a character.  It’s the fact they would never let me go out and do what I do best.  I had a number of people telling me a number of different things.  I have enough confidence in my ability that I could have made something work.  It made me hate wrestling and i needed to get out.

The Krupy : How you got into wrestling business ?

Chris Harris : Just like a lot of guys I started out as a fan.  Grew up watching and was crazy about it.  Went to college for a couple years and couldn’t get it out of my head as a career.  I figured if I didn’t give it a shot I would always regret.  Looked into a training center and went from there.

The Krupy :  Who was your wrestling idol in childhood ?

Chris Harris : When I was young my idol and hero was Randy Savage.  He was like a superhero to me.  I wanted to be him.  After getting in the business it was Bret Hart who i watched and studied.  He’s still an idol to me today.

The Krupy : What is your opinion on direction of TNA under the leadership of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff ? 

Chris Harris : You can only look at it as a positive with minds like that.  You are never going to be able to make everyone happy.  You have to try different directions.  I do believe they have TNA’s best interest in mind.

The Krupy : What is your favourite feud from your TNA run ? 

Chris Harris : Another one that is hard to narrow down.  I think one of my favorite times in TNA was during AMW’s heel run with Gail Kim.  We were so hated and had some great matches with AJ/Daniels and Team 3D.  My favorite feud of all has to be the feud Storm and I had against each other.  It was so intense and produced some really brutal matches.  We put a lot of heart into that feud.

The Krupy : Would you return to TNA ? 

Chris Harris : I would always welcome an opportunity to return.  I think I have a lot more to offer.  Many are calling for an AMW reunion, but truth is Storm is so successful in his singles run that it wouldn’t make sense right now.  It’s all about right time and right place.

The Krupy :  Have you ever heard about Slovakia or Czech Republic ? 

Chris Harris : Sure I have heard of them.  I would love to have them on my list of countries I would love to wrestle in.  I’m sure the fans are awesome and love their wrestling.

The Krupy : Please choose a few words to describe these people :

Chris Harris :

James Storm – best partner in the business, and a good friend

Bobby Roode – one of the best talents in the business, only just begun

AJ Styles – one of the best workers there is, maybe my favorite person to wrestle

Hernandez – one of the most improved in the past few years, incredible strength

Eric Young – great talent and the most entertaining out there, can make anything work

Kurt Angle – the best in the world, hes a machine

Christopher Daniels – a ring general, always a good match

The Krupy :  What is the one thing that you hate on wrestling business ?

Chris Harris : Always the politics.  So many mind games that it can take the fun out of it.  But really, we work in one of the greatest business‘ with the greatest fans.

The Krupy : Is there something that you want to tell to our readers ? 

Chris Harris : That I thank you for all of the support over the years.  Even during tough times.  I hope to give you more great matches and see everyone again.

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