Exclusive interview with Ivelisse Vélez !

The Krupy is back with another exclusive interview, and this time I had a chance to spoke with the „Puerto-Rican Princess“ Ivelisse Vélez – former WWE Diva and Tough Enough contestant.

The Krupy : What are you doing these days ? I heard that you are taking some MMA classes.

Ivelisse : I am staying busy hitting the gym and getting the wheels rolling for me, business-wise.

The Krupy : You recently faced TNA Knockout Tara in a dark match after Impact Wrestling. Are you going to wrestle for TNA permamently ?

Ivelisse : No comment.

The Krupy : How you got into wrestling business ?

Ivelisse : In Puerto Rico. When I was in High School I had a class mate who had an older brother that did wrestling locally and I got started through this contact. Thank fully after about a year in, I debuted on TV in Puerto Rico and began to learn everything else.

The Krupy : Who is your dream opponent ?

Ivelisse : Trish. I feel like it would have a bit of personal value as well since she was very supportive with me in WWE Tough Enough 2011 and that meant ALOT to me. I also remember her saying she wanted to wrestle me so that means alot too.

The Krupy : What is the one thing that you hate on wrestling business ?

Ivelisse : Discrimination.. whether it be gender or race or politics.

The Krupy : I heard a rumor that you were released from WWE because of your „atittude problems“. Is that true and what happened ? But in my opinion, you are one of the nicest people from wrestling business that I met on twitter.

Ivelisse : No matter what I say about that, people always have something to say about it, so at the end of the day its best I just say nothing… whether I do or don’t, I’m over it. At least I’m myself and I’m not fake.

The Krupy : Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career.

Ivelisse : A couple of my fave is vs Craig Mitchell in Chicago, Black Rose in Puerto Rico, of course Natalya NXT, Paige NXT and last but certainly not least Tara TNA.

The Krupy : What are three professional goals for Ivelisse Vélez ?

Ivelisse : One. Inspire. and make a living doing it.

The Krupy : Who was your wrestling idol in childhood ?

Ivelisse : It’s a secret…….. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Krupy : Would you return to WWE ?

Ivelisse :Yes.

The Krupy : Please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

Ivelisse : I have been wrestling since 2004.

The Krupy : What is a day off like for Ivelisse Vélez ? Do you have any hobbies ?

Ivelisse : There are no days off for Ivelisse. Its always go go go…. but in the rare occasions when there is, I like going to the movies or going out, oh or of course the beach!

The Krupy : What´s your opinion on SHIMMER ? I think that you would be a perfect addition to a SHIMMER roster.

Ivelisse : Great place to show case women’s wrestling.

The Krupy : Please choose a few words to describe these people :

Ivelisse :

Paige – Young

Raquel Diaz – Hardworking

Tara – Funny

Caylee Turner – Sweet

Summer Rae – Friendly

Gail Kim – Pretty

Eve Torres – Successful

Layla – Feisty

Natalya – Professional

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