Exclusive interview with Kenn Doane

The Krupy is back with another exclusive interview again, and this time, I had a chance to spoke with Kenn Doane – former WWE Superstar and the World Tag Team Champion.

The Krupy : How you got into the wrestling business?

Kenn Doane : I started when I was 13 years old training under Killer Kowalski.  I originally got a ride to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Ct and asked for an application.  They pretty much laughed at me and kicked me out of the building.

The Krupy : Who were some of your biggest influences, male or female, for getting into the wrestling business?

Kenn Doane : I had no influence to get into wrestling really,  I just heard my mother say “what ever you love to do find a way to get paid to do it”.

The Krupy : Who is your dream opponent?

Kenn Doane : I guess I would have to say Undertaker, because well he is the best there ever was.

The Krupy : Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career.

Kenn Doane : All of my OVW matches were great because there where no reigns on holding me back.  Other than that my matches with Ric Flair and DX were some highlights.

The Krupy : Who was your wrestling idol in childhood?

Kenn Doane : I loved Rick Rude and Owen Hart.  For some reason I loved Bam Bam Bigelow.  I never liked the good guys or understood why people kept cheering these guys.  I still don’t.

The Krupy : What is a day off like for Kenn Doane? Do you have any hobbies?

Kenn Doane : I wake up make coffee, watch ESPN.  Then I will go to school or go to the gym then run some errands and work on promoting my children’s book Billy’s Bully, set for release this summer.

The Krupy : You defeated „The Nature Boy“ Ric Flair three straight times in 2007, and it seemed like you will get a push. At that time, you were one of the fastest rising talents in professional wrestling. But in 2008, you were released from your contract. Can you please tell us what happened?

Kenn Doane : I was supposed to go into a more in depth feud with Flair but at that PPV HHH tore his leg again.  They then moved Flair with HBK to fight against Rated RKO.  With that being done I was left with nothing.

The Krupy : What´s your opinion on the entire „Spirit Squad“ gimmick after all these years?

Kenn Doane : It never mattered to me what I was doing, people will joke “you’re a cheerleader” but at the end of the day it made me very wealthy.

The Krupy : What´s your opinion on the current success of your former Spirit Squad stablemate, Dolph Ziggler?

Kenn Doane : I don’t watch the product anymore but I do think Dolph is the best there is and has come a very long way.

The Krupy : Would you return to WWE, or would you prefer to skip the politics?

Kenn Doane : Never say never in this business. But where I am at in my life I am doing better off now than before.

The Krupy : You said that John Cena had an affair with your then-girlfriend Mickie James few years ago, and you also talked about his affairs with another Divas. Can you please share your thoughts on this situation with our readers ? And, did you speak to Cena or Mickie since your comments?

Kenn Doane : I said what I said before and that was the truth, unfortunately some people don’t like to hear the truth.  But it is what it is.  I haven’t heard or spoken to either of them.  I am easy to get ahold of if they ever wanted too though.

The Krupy : If you were offered a spot in TNA, would you take it? I think that something like their Gutcheck segment is perfect for you.

Kenn Doane : Gutcheck is perfect for people trying to establish themselves.  TNA has great talent but don’t pay their talent what they are worth.  To me I would not go there for what they offer people.  Most of their talent has a 2nd job because they are not paid as “stars”.  Wrestling is such a weird business.  For some reason people seem to think its real.

The Krupy : Please choose a few words to best describe these people :

Kenn Doane :

Ric Flair- Brett Favre

Dolph Ziggler- The best today

John Cena- Hardworker

Mickie James- Wrestler not singer.

Triple H- Smartest

Edge- Most down to earth.

Randy Orton- Best heel

The Krupy : What is the one thing that you hate on the wrestling business ?

Kenn Doane : Politics and how people think they are stars outside of the ring and want special treatment.  Honestly there is such a small percentage of people in this world who know or watch wrestling.  Once your out of the imaginary, dungeons and dragons world of pro wrestling, nobody really cares. 

The Krupy : So, the WWE signs Kenn Doane again, and it’s Wrestlemania time. Who are you facing in the middle of the ring?

Kenn Doane : Whoever I am going to get the best pay day with.  That’s what its all about anyways.

The Krupy : Is there something that you want to tell to our readers ?

Kenn Doane : Yes I do, I wrote a kids book on anti-bullying and it is set to release this summer.  It is entitles Billy’s Bully and is a comical perspective on the daily troubles kids face when encountered with a bully.  Please like Billy’s Bully facebook page at and follow me @kenndoane 

Thank you and take care.

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