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Bellatrix 6 (on June 23rd at Epic Studios Norwich and LIVE on iPPV) is set to be the biggest Bellatrix event yet with some huge returns as well as additions to their already stacked roster. New faces include Kay Lee Ray, Shanna, Alpha Female, Carmel Jacob, Bete Noire and Nikki Storm. On top of this welcome returns are set to be made by Viper, Aurora Flame and X-Cute Sweet. I recently had a chance to spoke (for the second time) with one of the Bellatrix girls, Lady Penelope, about her thoughts on her upcoming match against Alpha Female, favourite area to wrestle in, and many more.

The Krupy : What does your family think of your wrestling career?

Lady Penelope : When I first told my parents that I wanted to be a wrestler when I grow up I think they through I was joking, or hoping that it was just a phase. But 15 years later, when I had my first training session and decided to follow my dream, they soon realised how much it meant to me, then as the months and years passed and they could see that something could become of me, they have since expressed how proud they both are of me.

The Krupy : Most wrestlers say their character is them with the volume turned up high. How much of you are in Lady Penelope?

Lady Penelope : Haha, well Lady? I’d like to think that there is some of me in Penelope, but I wouldn’t say the “lady” part is from me. But there different parts of me and Penelope that are so very different but at the same time there are or parts that are very similar.

The Krupy : What are your three professional goals?

Lady Penelope : My main goals in wrestling are to travel as much as possible around the UK & EU, and to work towards getting the Bellatrix – British Woman’s Championship. And my main goal that I want to achieve is making it to Shimmer; these are all things that I am working towards.

The Krupy : In your opinion, are women in the pro-wrestling business treated differently than male wrestlers?

Lady Penelope : I think I should keep this one short and sweet, it really depends in the fans I think a lot of people think that female wrestlers can’t work, by that I mean that the Marjorie think that female wrestling isn’t good, or can’t be good, But that’s not the case, there are so many talents female wrestlers out there, I just pushes us girls harder to prove to everyone that we’re not just a pretty face. I know why I got into this business and that to work hard and sussed.

The Krupy : What is your favourite country/area to wrestle in?

Lady Penelope : Well I have a few places that are special to me to wrestle in, One being Cambridge – Guildhall, as it’s my hometown and as a child I used to go there to watch the local wrestling and dream about being a wrestler one day, So when I got the chance to wrestle in front of my family in my hometown it was an amazing moment for me. Another favourite of mine is Epic Studios – Norwich, it’s a beautiful venue and has a really professional feel to it. As for aboard I only been to France and Norway, and soon to be Italy, I loved every minute of being in Norway , such a beautiful place and people, is awesome to say that I had the chance to wrestle over there.

The Krupy : What is the one thing that you hate in the wrestling business?

Lady Penelope : Sometimes when you’re travelling up and down the roads, and through airports it can get a bit lonely, it´s often said that the wrestlers life I a lonely one, I wouldn’t say that I hated it nor would change it for the world.

The Krupy : Please tell us what has changed since your last Bellatrix match against Erin Angel.

Lady Penelope : Since Belltrix 6, I have reflected on the show/match, I watched the match back, which I am very proud of, nothing really changed I still workout just a hard and train harder. If anything changed I makes me more determent to keep going and bettering myself for the next upcoming Bellatrix.

The Krupy : What does Lady Penelope bring to the table in Bellatrix?

Lady Penelope : To me, I think of Bellatrix as my “Wrestlemania”. I try and pull out everything at this show as I know just how important it is. You can expect to see different thing every time I step foot in the ring because every time I do step foot in that ring I always try and better my performance from the last one.

The Krupy : How do you feel about your upcoming match against Alpha Female on Bellatrix Female Warriors 6?

Photo : Rob Brazier

Lady Penelope : Well this will be the second time I lock up with Alpha Female, I got to work with Alpha Last October at a Southside show, but I very much looking forward to this match. I like to think I’ve improved and advanced my style a little bit since last October, so we will have to wait and see how it unfolds at Bellatrix 6.

The Krupy : Any words for your opponent on Bellatrix 6, Alpha Female?

Lady Penelope : I Just hope that Alpha doesn’t think that I that I not going to put up a damn good fight. Your biggest mistake will be understating me. She’s has to remember that Sweet Saraya has taught me everything I know, you may be bigger than me and able to throw me about, but will you be about to get out the knots I tire you in.

The Krupy : Is there something that you want to tell our readers?

Lady Penelope : I would like to thank everyone for supporting wrestling especially female wrestling, because without the fans there would be no us! And for anyone who’s ever watched my matches or following my page, I thank you for your support it means a lot.



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