Exclusive interview with Ryan Howe !

Hi guys, I´m back with another exclusive interview, and this time I had a chance to spoke with one of the fastest rising stars in Ohio Valley Wrestling and the „new Ayatollah of Rock´n´Rolla“, my good friend Ryan Howe – former OVW Television Champion and Tough Enough contestant.

The Krupy : You recently became the new OVW Television Champion. What´s next for you ?

Ryan Howe : After obtaining the OVW tv title, my goals were set even higher. I realized just HOWE possible it was to be a threat for the Heavyweight Title as well. Mind Set: Be OVW’s dual champion, instituting the rock ‚n‘ roll era.

The Krupy : How you got into wrestling business ?

Ryan Howe : I was introduced to the wrestling world through music (i.e. Touring on the road with my band at the time, RELAPSE). Some wrestlers that work on the independants were at a concert, and approached me afterwards, complimenting my „look“ and „physique“, saying I should give wrestling a shot. I always said i’d either be a rockstar or a pro-wrestler, because I’m responsible like that. So I found a local Independant promotion and Training facility (N.W.W.A. based in Lake Station, IN/Owner and Trainer: Rex Hart). So began this journey…

The Krupy : Your „rockstar“ character in OVW is very entertaining, so I want to ask you : What´s your favourite song and music band ?

Ryan Howe : I love rock ‚n‘ roll, and something about the nestalgia of the 80’s rock scene has always intrigued me…really made me wish I had been an adult to enjoy that time. Coincidentally, wrestling circa ’85-early 90’s was equally captivating, in my eyes. It’s an incredible feeling to have been able to hybrid those two interests and live this Kick-Ass, Rock ‚n‘ Roll lifestyle.

Favorite Band-AC/DC

Favorite Song-It’s A long way to the Top (If you wanna rock ‚n‘ roll)

The Krupy : Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career.

Ryan Howe : Any match with Tracy Smothers. The man knows an unphathomable amount about the wrestling industry. I blows my mind just thinking about how much i’ve learned from him alone. I could always look back and say, judging by the fans‘ reactions each match, that they got their money’s worth and witnessed a hell of a contest.

Fast-forwarding, i’ve had some heated matches with former „Tough Enough“ foe, Mikael Zaki, at various Florida based promotions, including FUW. I know with each match each spectator could feel the hatred and emotions behind each hit, hold, and pin in any match. Guess thats how having a publically known rivalry can transfer into the ring.

Also, every match at OVW. I truly feel that Ohio Valley has the BEST competition/talent on both national and international levels. Each wrestler has different skills, fortes, and psychology to winning a match. Thats why we compete, especially in a developmental territory such as OVW: TO WIN. I love the passion, and that translates into competition…myself learning more and more with each match, and also finding out what make MRHOWETO, Wrestling’s Rockstar stand out, and more importantly, BETTER.

The Krupy : What are your three professional goals ?

Ryan Howe : I have 1 professional goal-WRESTLE FOR A LIVING.

Hence, being part of ANY organization that I can solely focus on becoming the best this business has seen. Big shoes to fill, but acheiving dreams is what I do. Also, I know putting that much time, commitment, effort, and emotion in one thing means that I believe in me: Ryan Howe. And that means the entire world DESERVES to see what I have to show, to relate. Having a platform to where I can reach the LARGEST fanbase and show fans who I am and what I’m about. Kick Ass Rock n Roll.

The Krupy : Please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

Ryan Howe : Rex Hart – first year and 1/2 -(Lake Station, IN N.W.W.A.) Began February of 2009.

The Krupy : What´s your favourite feud from your OVW career ?

Ryan Howe : Favorite feud in OVW has been more recent: While hoding the TV Title, competing for the Heavyweight title against the champion and TWO other competitors. (Heavyweight champion „Smooth“ Johnny Spade/Challengers were Jamen Olivencia, Rob Terry, and of course, your resident rocker)

The Krupy : Who is your dream opponent ?

Ryan Howe : Active roster: Dolph Ziggler Retired: Shawn Michaels Deceased: Randy Savage.

The Krupy : Who is your biggest inspiration in professional wrestling ?

Ryan Howe : Biggest inspiration in pro wrestling: My wife (Jessie Belle). Having gotten her from wrestling is enough to inspire me forever.

The Krupy : Would you rather go to WWE or TNA, and why ?

Ryan Howe : WWE is inevedibly the goal for myself. Its been the machine thats been running the longest, and there seems to be no end for it. HOWEver, TNA is doing a HELL of a job putting out a great product that true WRESTLING fans can enjoy. I love the way TNA’s product comes accross and would be honored to be a part of that company. Like I said, any opportunity to introduce Wrestling’s Rockstar to a broader audience, is what I strive everyday for.

The Krupy : We saw a lot of OVW superstars on TNA Gutcheck segment recently. Can you imagine yourself being there ?

Ryan Howe : I can not only imagine myself in a Gut Check segment, but KNOW I will find a way to get there. That’s the goal, and when I receive the opportunity, the new goal will be to win and walk out with a contract.

The Krupy : What is the one thing that you hate on wrestling business ?

Ryan Howe : One most hated thing about wrestling: Many would say politics….but that’s anywhere, the office, the mills, the justice system. I mostly wish wrestling is now what it was when I was a 5 year old „Hulk-a-maniac“. However, this industry thrives off it’s own evolution, and as things evolve, the circle is retraced.

The Krupy : What is your opinion on OVW becoming the new developmental territory for TNA ?

Ryan Howe : OVW becoming THE developmental territory for TNA is nothing short of awesome. The trainers and roster at OVW have put on an incredible show from day 1, with AND without the notation as a developmental. TNA is such a good company from all aspects for wrestling fans, and I feel OVW fits right in the pocket of TNA very well.

The Krupy : Choose a few words to describe these people :

Ryan Howe : 

Johnny Spade: Charismatic

Jamin Olivencia: Real-Life Taz-Manian devil

Chris Silvio: Versitile/Innovative

Cliff Compton: Vicious

Al Snow: Mad Genious

Trailer Park Trash: Been Around the Block

Kurt Angle:  Intense Professor of Wrestling

Samoa Joe: Agile/Unrivaled Passion -I feel this way about all TNA originals, still with the company. These superstars REALLY believed in TNA and their passion and raw talent has been pivotal in building this company.

The Krupy : What is your opinion on female wrestling ? Do you have any favourites there ?

Ryan Howe : Female wrestling is a pivotal part of professional wrestling and has been for quite some time. Men and women have equal rights in life to excel at anything they choose. I’ve seen, and had the privilage of knowing/working with several women who, without doubt, are tougher than most average joes i’ve ran into (on the street AND in the ring). Mickie Knuckles stands out as a prime example to me. Wonderful person, incredible performer, hellacious competitor, and i’d put my money on her kickin‘ most guys‘ asses.

Also, to refer to wrestling as sports „entertainment“, would imply that we keep ALL audiences ENTERTAINED. So women’s wrestling may appeal to a different variety of men, women, AND children. For example, some men may watch because the women offer something different, female fans may gravitate towards wanting to be/relating to the ladies in the ring, and children like the variety. Of course, Divas/Knockouts can offer far different characters than male wrestlers.

The Krupy : Have you ever heard about Slovakia or Czech Republic ?

Ryan Howe : Slovakia or Czech Republic?…Nah

The Krupy : Is there something that you want to tell to our readers ?

Ryan Howe : I appreciate all of your support Headbanger and Rock n Rollers!! Keep watching OVW, i’ll keep ROCKIN‘ the show whild ROLLIN‘ in the ring, and the sky is the limit for #wrestlingsrockstar

At OVW I will continue to do what I do, being who I am..Wrestling’s Rockstar. There is legitimacy to who I am in the ring, because it’s who I am everyday. Rock n roll fuels my fire, it keeps me pushing at the gym, it has gotten me through many a long work day, passes the time by from town to town, down the never ending highway. And at the end of each one of these tasks, along with many others, I do it all to get in the ring and live my dream.






































































































































































































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