Exclusive interview with Saraya Knight

Hi guys, I´m back with another exclusive interview, and this time I had a chance to spoke with one of the most respected female athletes in the world. Meet the planet´s most psychotic female wrestler. It´s none other than the current reigning SHIMMER Champion, „Sweet“ Saraya Knight.

The Krupy : You successfully defended your SHIMMER Championship numerous times recently. Which was your toughest title defense ? 

Saraya Knight : To be honest with you, anybody that I face that deserves the title shot is an opponent that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but, I do love beating Melissa, it always makes me feel good.

The Krupy : Is there any difference between wrestling in the UK and United States ? 

Saraya Knight : There is a huge difference, I love working the the US, simply because I am something different and the crowd hates me.  I earn my money and do my job and don’t expect anything other than some competition and a win!!  In the UK, they have watched me for 22 years and I’m nostalgia over here now.

The Krupy : You are now holding the most prestigious Women´s Championship in the United States. How does it feel ? 

Saraya Knight : Bloody fantastic!!!  Total honour! It has made my career and I will not relinquish it lightly!

The Krupy : Please tell us what some of your favourite matches have been from your career. 

Saraya Knight : Damn, I’ve had so many, I obviously loved working Luna Vachon who was an idol of mine, and Karma was cool, wrestling Yoshida was amazing!! Wesna I think was my most memorable as it was outside in a thunderstorm, with torrential rain and a vinyl canvass, and we still pulled the crowd in, it was just after my return from the knee injury. 

I always adored wrestling my daughter Saraya-Jade, as she is a fantastic opponent. We had a great match in Norway and she beat me with her finisher the Rampaige on her first attempt ..the bitch! She knocked me out!!

The Krupy : Will you give your arch-enemy Cheerleader Melissa another shot at your SHIMMER Title ? 

Saraya Knight : Not willingly……… next question :/

The Krupy : Where does the name „Sweet Saraya“ come from ? 

Saraya Knight : I thought up the name when I was about 16 years old, I was moshing in a metalclub and the DJ said that was the latest song by Slayer, I was pissed and thought he said Saraya, and loved it as a name, and decided if I ever had a baby girl I would name her Saraya, but my wrestling career came first so I took it, and Sweet was added later by Orig Williams a Bigtime Welsh Promoter who put me into his magazine to the headline ‚Sour Touch from the Sweet Saraya‘ but I still got my little girl with the name!!

The Krupy : How you got into the wrestling business ?

Saraya Knight : Met Ricky Knight, fell in love and never looked back.

The Krupy : Who were some of your biggest influences, male and female, for getting into the wrestling business ?

Saraya Knight : My husband and family will always be my biggest influences and critics!

I never wanted to be a wrestler it just happened so nobody influenced me until I got into the business then my brain exploded with all the talent that was out there.  I loved watching Sherri Martell, Luna Vachon and Miss Elizabeth, who collectively became the blue print for my character,  Johnny Saint was a technical wizard who I was lucky enough to be on the circuit with and watch him against Jimmy Ocean in Wales that blew me away,  watching the Superflies Ricky Knight and Jimmy Ocean taught me how to get a crowd angry and wild and to command a ring, all influencial on my career.

The Krupy : What will be the lasting legacy for Sweet Saraya ?

Saraya Knight : My children will be my legacy and their children will be theirs as the next generation of Knights are now already breaking through!

The Krupy : Who is your dream opponent ? 

Saraya Knight : Sensational Sherri :(

The Krupy : What is a day off like for Sweet Saraya ? Do you have any hobbies ?

Saraya Knight : I love to read, books are a passion.  I adore cooking and going to gigs, but I don’t really get days off as I have such a busy life, I would probable just go fishing lol.

The Krupy : What is the one thing that you hate on the wrestling business ?

Saraya Knight : Ego is the killer in the business.

The Krupy : You trained a lot of female athletes in the UK. Can you name some of the hottest future prospects from the UK ? 

Saraya Knight : There are some great female wrestlers in the UK at the moment, obviously I would want people to recognise Liberty, Destiny and Penelope, but there are others like Carmel Jacobs, Miss Mina is Norwegian but an amazing wrestler, Nikki Storm has grown into a great worker, Kay Ree Ray has just conquered Japan, Ayesha Ray has just come back from Australia so there are many talented workers out there, it depends on what style you are looking for or like.

The Krupy : Since your SHIMMER debut, I´m a huge fan of your daughter Paige. She´s now doing very well in WWE, so I want to ask you : How it feels to see your daughter shine in the biggest wrestling company on this planet ? 

Saraya Knight : There isn’t a drug that could top the buzz I get when I watch her,  She is one of my heros and I adore her for staying the same and not letting anything turn her head.  She is and will always be my little girl and I wish I could bottle her aura I would make a fortune.

The Krupy : Please choose a few words to best describe these people :

 Saraya Knight :

Paige – Phenomenal

Cheerleader Melissa – nemisis

Kellie Skater – worthy

Allison Danger – loyal

William Regal – old school

Doug Williams – ginger

Wade Barrett – ermmm……all I can think of is ears!!

The Krupy : Have you ever heard about Slovakia or Czech Republic ?

Saraya Knight : Yes

The Krupy : What is your favourite country/area to wrestle in ? (asked by Mike Inguagiato)

Saraya Knight : I love USA.

The Krupy : Will you be my mom ? (asked by Rain Gringa Loca)

Saraya Knight : Yes, If you pay me by the hour.

The Krupy : Is there something that you want to tell to our readers ? 

Saraya Knight : „Ok Rebels, do what you want to do, be who you want to be, say what you want to say, never go against your own moral code and always come out fighting!“

The Krupy : And the last question 😀 : Please ask your daughter if she will be ok with my proposal to her, I have a crush on her lol :)

Saraya Knight : I will …but don’t buy a ring yet!

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