Five questions with LuFisto

@ SHINE Wrestling

@ SHINE Wrestling

LuFisto is one of the best female in-ring workers on the planet. A multiple time champion in various promotions, one of the toughest female wrestlers in the business and a role model for the others. I was lucky to speak to her before her upcoming match against Destiny on Bellatrix 7 iPPV about her toughness, changes in women´s wrestling over the last 25 years, and more. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world´s most toughest female!

1. People behind the scenes say you’re one of the nicest people in the business but you’re also one of the toughest and it would be a mistake to cross you. Is that accurate?

I didn’t know I had such a reputation but if so, I’m proud of it. Indeed, I think it’s pretty accurate. I will take care and guide anybody who trusts me and gives me respect. I will give everything I have to the promotions that show kindness and recognition towards my work. However, it doesn’t take much for me to lose faith in somebody or a promotion. I won’t stay too long around negative people, especially liars and people who think they are better than others. 

2. How much pride do you take in your toughness?

Never saw toughness as pride. Being tough comes from obstacles that occurred in life, from getting back up after being down. My past makes me who I am today and although I wish many things would have been easier, I want to embrace what I have become.  Being focused and discipline helps when I get injured or sad. One thing I am proud though is the nickname I was given by my physiotherapist last April after my quick recovery from an exploded patella… The Female Wolverine! :) 

3. Where do you see yourself in 2014?

I wish I could tell you a big promotion but so far, no luck. I will just take it one match at the time and we’ll see how long it’ll last.

4. Over the last 25 years or so Women’s Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it’s presented, in your opinion do you think it’s better today, or has the change hurt the product overall?

It’s hard to say. With the territories gone, a lot of women are struggling now to be full-time professional wrestlers. Even the big all-female wrestling promotions in Japan are now gone. The mainstream promotion started to hire models and tried to turn them in wrestlers. Some became good, others were very poor. Many talented girls were rejected on the soil basis that they “didn’t have the look”. Most matches on TV were below 5 minutes… There was some hope with the TNA Knockout division featuring Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, Gail Kim and Ayako Hamada… Only to be completely destroyed by new management.

However, promotions like Shimmer Women Athletes, NCW Femmes Fatales, Shine Wrestling, Bellatrix and so on came to life, presenting the best talent available on the planet. Now, with Sara del Rey, as the head trainer, it seem WWE’s NXT is taking the division seriously again…

So female wrestling is very good for the Iyndependents and seems to be on the right track when it comes to WWE… Too bad most of us who worked for years still get the “don’t have the look” or… “you are too old now” comments.  It’s like there is what could be known as the Lost Generation… Very talented but too little, too late. Mercedes Martinez, Madison Eagles, MsChif, Allison Danger, Saraya Knight and so on…

5. Because of your success and noted work ethic, a lot of young women now look up to you as an inspiration. Is being a role model for others something you envisioned when you started?

Not at all. I just wanted to prove people wrong. I was told so many times that I shouldn’t be wrestling because I was too fat, too short and that wrestling wasn’t for girls. I fought hard to become a wrestler and I’m honored my story inspires others.

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